Posted on Feb 18, 2021


Home Office Expenses
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CRA has created a more convenient way for you to claim home office expenses this year. They have done this by offering two different methods. To claim your home office expenses this year, you will have the option of selecting one of the two methods listed below.
Method #1: Temporary Flat Rate Method
This is the simplest method as the only requirement is for you to inform me of how many days you have worked from home.
Method #2: Detailed Method
The Detailed method requires greater work on your part as you will be required to provide supporting documentation to be added to your tax return. With this method you will be required to provide the following additional documentation:
You will need a T2200S form that will need to be completed and signed by your employer. You can access this form by clicking on the link below:
Once you have accessed the form, you are required to complete the middle option labelled Home office expenses you paid while working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you have supporting documents. This will take you through a lengthy series of detailed questions which you must answer. . You will be required to provide a printed copy of this form which will be included with your tax package.
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